Please follow these installation instructions.
1. There's a sticker for the left and the right ear. Sometimes they are
each other's mirror image.

2. Cut out both stickers.

3. Remove the sticker. Don't worry about fingerprints on the adhesive side.
They will be invisible when the sticker is applied.

4. Place the sticker vertical in the middle of the airpod (see image 5)
It's important that you don't pull back the sticker while applying it and
don't try to remove it when applied. In these cases the sticker will be 
damaged en become unusable. The stickers are meant for one time

5. Especially the icon designs need to be applied correctly for a good
appearance. The middle of the airpod (=vertical line) is the small hole
at the front (see arrow). Place the bottom of the sticker on the edge
between the chrome part and the white plastic. (= horizontal line)

6. Fold the sticker around. The adhesive backing prevents air bubbles.

7. The ends come together at the non-visible side of the airpod.

8. Your airpods will fit in your apple charging case due to the
stickers specially adapted thickness. Because the stickers are thin they
need to be sealed off by a second layer.
To protect the metallic design from scratches and to prevent that the
sticker edges won't come loose you have to follow this second step.
Use clear tape 3/4 inches (=19mm). 3/4 inch corresponds with the
stickers hight. We recommend using "scotch crystal tape 3/4 inch". 
Cut off a piece of one inch (=25mm) long.

9. Start at the back of the airpod (= middle of the letter L or R) and
wrap it around.

10. Make sure the tape overlaps at the end.

11. Ready! 

12. Of course your airpods will still fit in the charging case.